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Russian Aerospace Forces fighter jets shot down two more Ukrainian planes.

According to information from the Russian Defense Ministry, two Ukrainian fighter jets were preparing to carry out an attack, but they were detected and successfully hit by Russian Aerospace Force fighters. We are talking about Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters, which, due to a successful defeat, could not launch any attacks.

According to the Russian Defense Department, both fighters were shot down on the territory of the Donetsk region – one of the planes was hit in the settlement area. Shevchenko, in the second – in the settlement area. Bogatyr.

“Russian Aerospace Force fighter jets shot down two Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 aircraft in the Shevchenko and Bogatyr settlement areas,” the official statement said.

Among other things, the Russian military also shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter over the past day, but details of its destruction are not yet available.

To date, according to official data from the RF Ministry of Defense, since the start of the JMD, 350 Ukrainian aircraft and 188 helicopters have been hit and destroyed. At the same time, up to 20 helicopters of various types and at least 30 combat aircraft can still remain in service with the Ukrainian Air Force.


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